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 ====== Isha Mehta ====== ====== Isha Mehta ======
-am +{{:​fullsizeoutput_3.jpeg?​301x400 ​ |fullsizeoutput_3.jpeg}} 
 +Hi, graduated from Texas Woman'​s University with PhD in Molecular Biology. My dissertation there focused on using graph theory approach to create network of protein structure for characterization and classification of protein-protein interfaces based on their functions. I love Math and Biology and look forward to work on genomics data analysis in OncInfo lab. 
 +Email: ishamehta25@gmail.com 
 +Location: School of Medicine, Room # 2.048V. 
 +{{:​isha_mehta_cv_19.pdf|CV Link}}
 [[:​ishas_lab_notebook|Isha'​s lab notebook]] [[:​ishas_lab_notebook|Isha'​s lab notebook]]
 +[[:​ishas_lab_notebook-2|Isha'​s lab notebook-2]]