This page contains supplementary material for the manuscript entitled:

“Automated analysis of multidimensional flow cytometry data improves diagnostic accuracy between mantle cell lymphoma and small lymphocytic lymphoma.”

Habil Zare, Ali Bashashati, Robert Kridel, Nima Aghaeepour, Gholamreza Haffari, Joseph M. Connors,Randy D. Gascoyne, Arvind Gupta, Ryan R. Brinkman, and Andrew P. Weng

The original link in the published paper is broken.

  • Supplementary Figure S1 [pdf ]
    Examples of atypical/typical cases.
  • Supplementary Figure S2 [pdf ]
    Overview of our automatic methodology.
  • Supplementary Table S3 [xls ]
    Comparing features based on all studied cases.
  • Code to reproduce results [tar.gz ]
    Download and install this R package, then call the reproduce() function. The code may need modifications to become compatible with newer versions of the dependent packages. Contact Dr. Habil Zare to resolve the issues.
  • The original flow cytometry FSC files are available upon request.