Shiva Kazempour


I am a biostatistician, and currently a PhD candidate in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBMS) at the Oncinfo Lab. My PhD focus is on developing new deep learning models for handling and exctracting the best features from spatial transcriptomics.

I worked at the Oncinfo Lab for two years as a visiting scientist , and collaborated in many projects such asRapamycin project with Dr. Ellen Kraig. Also, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Miranda Orr on the role of senescent cells in Alzheimer's disease, and Dr. Frost on the insertion of transposable elements in AD brains.

I am also Co-Managing Director of Nucleate at San Antonio. We recently established a new chapter of Nucleate in San Antonio to facilitates the formation of pioneering life sciences companies. We run a hands-on biotech venture curriculum and support a community of biotech innovators.

Besides, I am the president of Graduate Students International Club (GSIC), in which we try to address the challenges that international students have during their studies at UTHSCSA.


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