Sogand Sajedi


I graduated from Vienna University of Technology with a Ph.D. in engineering sciences and a master's degree in biomedical engineering. My dissertation focused on computational modeling and developing algorithms for analyzing neurons in the cochlea, retina, and brain in response to electrical stimulation. I have the required programming skills, which are essential in computational biology. As a postdoctoral associate at the Oncinfo Lab, I expand my knowledge and use my prior experience to analyze omics data.

My current projects are:

  • Collaborating with Dr. Miranda E. Orr on analyzing and identifying differentially expressed genes between control and diseased brains with different stages of Alzheimer’s using R Bioconductor.
  • Collaborating with Dr. Sarah C. Hopp on a project regarding differentially expressed genes between healthy and diseased microglia cells based on the expression of CD33.
  • Applying machine learning methods for dimension reduction and feature selection to find biomarkers that can identify senescent cells.
  • Feature extraction from single-cell RNA seq data using modern deep model architecture and frameworks.
  • Integrative network analysis in cancer and dementia



Sogand's lab notebook